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X7 Research takes part in the DIA 2018

Colleagues, X7 Research company takes part in the five-day conference “DIA 2018 Global Annual Meeting”, which will be held from June 24 to 28, 2018, in Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, 415 Summer Street, Boston, USA. Designed to drive insights into action by connecting key policy discussions to real-world knowledge that you need to do […]

X7 Research cooperates with universities, providing internships to foreign students

Colleagues, X7 Research has been having international students of Moscow International University and The Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia interning at our offices in Saint Petersburg and Moscow. At our offices, interns are having hands on experience in training, medical writing, consulting and marketing. During their time at X7 Research interns are an integral […]

Development of a universal shot against influenza

Imutex has reported their phase 2b data of their universal flu shot “FLU-v” showing strong signs of boosting immune responses while simultaneously lowering rate of infection. This true “universal” shot is designed to protect against all influenza A and influenza B strains in humans and animals. Imutex, now a well established joint venture between clinical […]

X7 Research will take part in the practical forum “Clinical Trials in the EAEU 2018”

Colleagues, X7 Research company is going to visit the two-day conference “Clinical Trials in the EAEU 2018”, which will take place from 21 to 22 June 2018, in Skolkovo, Moscow region, Russia. The Practical Forum “Clinical Trials in the EAEU” brings together clinical research professionals who share their practical cases, ideas, useful information about new […]

Changes in the registration dossier for influenza vaccines

At a meeting of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEС) on June 14, unified approaches to the procedure for amending the registration vaccines’ documents for the prevention of influenza were adopted. Uniform requirements to the structure, content, format and scope of the registration dossier, procedures for amending the dossier, its expertise, and the timing of applications […]

X7 Research will take part in the oncology forum

Colleagues, X7 Research company is going to visit the 4th St. Petersburg international oncology forum, which will take place 5-8 July 2018, in the PARK INN BY RADISSON PRIBALTIYSKAYA HOTEL, Russia, St. Petersburg, 14 Korablestroiteley str. The Forum “White Nights” is one of the largest events in the field of oncology that unites a wide […]

FDA has released new guidance on liposomes

In April 2018 the FDA has released the final guidance for pharmaceutical industry on liposome drug products. The new guidance incorporates the finalized recommendations on liposome drug products manufacturing and includes the following main chapters: Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls; Human Pharmacokinetics: Bioavailability and Bioequivalence; and Labeling. According to the definition given in the guidance “Liposomes […]

Talazoparib in the treatment of breast cancer

Pfizer stated that the FDA has assigned the priority review status of the application for the PARP inhibitor talazoparib use in patients with metastatic breast cancer and a hereditary mutation of the BRCA gene. According to information from the company, EMA also accepted an application for talazoparib from this group of patients. Metastatic breast cancer […]

FDA approved a drug designed to prevent chronic migraines

The first medicine designed to prevent migraines was approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Many experts believe that this drug will help a huge number of people suffering from the most severe form of headaches. The drug, Aimovig, made by Amgen and Novartis, is a monthly injection with a device similar to an insulin […]

How to improve enrollment in clinical trials?

Nemours Children’s Health System, a non-profit organization, has presented the results of their research in finding new ways to improve recruitment and participation presented at the American Thoracic Society Annual Conference. They have stated that videos and other creative visual materials may help to get informed consent during clinical studies and simplify understanding the ideas […]