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X7 Research will take part in a CPhi middle east&africa 2018

Dear colleagues! X7 Research will take part in a CPhi middle east&africa 2018! CPhI Middle East & Africa will be the region’s most comprehensive pharma gathering. Together, with its co-located events ICSE, P-MEC, InnoPack and FDF, will host over 4,000 key visiting pharma suppliers and buyers. With a wide range of exhibitors from all across […]

I and II Phases of clinical trials

Clinical trials of drugs are the final stage of a long and laborious process of their development. Clinical trials of drugs before their official authorization for medical use are conducted in 4 stages, traditionally called “Phases of clinical trials.” I Phase of clinical trials (clinical pharmacological, biomedical testing) The first trials in humans of a […]

Surrogate endpoints approved by FDA

FDA has published a table of surrogate endpoints which may be used by drug developers as primary efficacy clinical trial endpoints for approval of new drug applications (NDAs) or biologics license applications (BLAs). This table reflects the requirement of the 21st Century Cures Act which demanded to publish a list of “surrogate endpoints which were […]

Ketamine study was stopped due to ethical reasons

The advocacy group Public Citizen supported by many bioethics specialists has lodged a complaint against investigators at the Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis to the FDA and Office for Human Research Protections. Two studies conducted in that center involved the use of ketamine or other sedative drugs by paramedics for prehospital agitation. Usually, the investigators […]

Mushrooms of the Far East hold promise for the anti-cancer therapy

Mushrooms from the Far East area contain the natural chemical compounds, which could be used for the design of the novel drugs with highly specific anti-tumor activities and low-toxicity. These compounds may offer new avenues for oncology, providing us with either stand-alone alternatives to chemotherapy, chemopreventive medicines, or drugs to be used in combination with […]

The cure for Alzheimer’s is preparing to blow up the market

Chinese scientists from the Ocean University of China, Shanghai Institute of medicine, the Materia Medica at the Chinese Academy of Sciences and of the company Green Valley Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd reported its success in the field of drug creation against Alzheimer’s disease, reports Xinhua. The tool is known as GV-971, and work on it is […]